Ultimate Life University is the inspiration of Bracken and Nina Joy after more than 25 years of study and teaching.

We know that we can provide many short cuts to anyone wanting to create the Ultimate Life.

We have developed for everyone, what we always wanted for ourselves and it is a joy to share it with you.

Our Mission and Vision it to assist Millions and Millions of people living the Ultimate Life.

We have lived and still live the Ultimate Life.

We know there are many ups and downs in life, but when you learn the knowledge, power and love, you can always get through the contrast and come out on top. We are only sharing and teaching what we have learned and proven to ourselves.

Ultimate Life University will be growing with leaps and bounds, adding to the Curriculum constantly.

Join us now and constantly graduate daily, growing more into your Ultimate Life.

It is always the Journey that really counts.

If we can live the Ultimate Life, So Can You.

We Believe in YOU.

Bracken and Nina Joy