Have you ever thought of money as energy? As having a vibration? In this guided meditation you will go deep into your subconscious mind and clear any blocks that may be keeping you stuck in a rut about money. Just as all things do... and there is more than enough energy... so there has to be more than enough money... an infinite supply of money, which is always available for you... available for anyone!

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1 - Manifesting Money Introduction - 3:40 Minutes

Listen to the Introduction at least once.

Lesson 2 - Manifesting Money Beginners Meditation - 30:02 Minutes

The Manifesting Money Meditation is above in the Video and below the Video.
And in the Downloadable Content on the right side.
Listen at least 14 days in a row.

Lesson 3 - Manifesting Money Advanced Meditation - 30:00 Minutes
Released to you in 14 Days.
You will be notified by email.
Listen at least 7 days in a row.

Lesson 4 - Manifesting Money E-Book

Read at least 3 times.

Access to the Course.
Ability to Download All of the Lesson Files.
Audio's, PDF's and any training materials.

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