Love and Manifesting

Loving yourself is Key to understanding others. To understanding Life. This Video was specifically designed to help you visualize. To see how this world was meant to be. Where we all see through the eyes of our Source, who first loved us and only sees through the eyes of LOVE.

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1 - Love Wide Awake & On the Go Movie - 6:00 Minutes

Step 1 - Watch the Love Movie everyday for 7 Days. Only 6 Minutes of your time daily. We are starting you out easily on your learning commitment, discipline and consistency. You must fulfill this step. At the end of 7 Days of watching you...

Lesson 2 - Love and Manifesting - Wide Awake & On the Go - 11:11 Minutes

Step 2 - Listen to the "Instructional Track Wide Awake & On the Go Audio at least once. Next: Listen to "Love Wide Awake & On the Go Audio" which is 11 Minutes....

Lesson 3 - Love and Manifesting - Go Deep - 30:00 Minutes

Step 3 - Listen 7 Days in a row. DO NOT LISTEN while you are driving, running, cooking or playing. You can listen to this 30 Minute Audio while you are...

Lesson 4 - Love and Manifesting Study E-Book PDF & Preview

Step 4 - Download the "How to Manifest Love Anytime Ebook" from the Content Area and read it everyday for the next 3 Days. This will cement Love and Manifesting into your Brain, Heart and Entire Being.

Lesson 5 - Love and Manifesting - Graduation as a Master

Congratulation you have graduated from the Foundation Course - Love and Manifesting... Graduating into Mastership for your entire life...Be sure and download all the courses file and review them as often as your desire. Share the Love and tell others a...


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