This moment in space and time... where you are... has no boundaries...your body and every particle of it... it’s vibrational resonance... is connected to the flow of unlimited joy and happiness... allow the magnificence of who you are.... to flow...

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1 - Manifesting Happiness Introduction - 2:35 Minutes

Learn to choose Happiness and Create it in your Ultimate Life.
Watch the Video above with earphones at least once.
Listen to the Introduction with earphones at least 3 times.

Lesson 2 - Manifesting Happiness Meditation - 30:00 Minutes

Being Happy is a Choice and you can Master the Choosing.
Listen to the Meditation with earphones at least 7 times.

Lesson 3 - Manifesting Happiness E-Book

Read at least 3 times.

Access to the Course.
Ability to Download All of the Lesson Files.
Audio's, PDF's and any training materials.

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